Friday, 22 July 2011

How: Why How We Do Anything Means Business (Repost)

Dov Seidman, «How: Why How We Do Anything Means Business»
John Wiley & Sons | ISBN: 0471751227 | 2007 | PDF | 352 pages | 9.78 MB
The flood of information and unprecedented transparency reshaping today's business world has dramatically changed the rules of the game. It's no longer what you do that sets you apart from others, but how you do what you do. Whats are commodities, easily duplicated or reverse-engineered. Sustainable advantage and enduring success—for both companies and the people who work for them—now lie in the realm of how, the new frontier of conduct. For more than a decade, Dov Seidman's pioneering organization, LRN, has helped some of the world's most respected companies build "do it right," winning cultures. Seidman's distinct vision of the world, business, and human endeavor has enabled more than ten million people doing business in over 100 countries to outbehave the competition. In HOW: Why How We Do Anything Means Business (and in Life), Dov Seidman shares his unique approach with you.




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