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Rich Schefren - Business Growth System 2.0

Rich Schefren - Business Growth System 2.0
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module 1:
The Big Secrets to Being a Real Entrepreneur that Almost Everyone Misses
In this Profit Module you will learn what it really takes to be an entrepreneur that is successful in business. Most people think that business is just common sense. It actually takes uncommon sense to win at business.
There's a lot we'll be covering in this first Profit Module, including:
Developing entrepreneurial traits to ensure your success Creating something from nothing that is exciting and different Gaining total clarity on your business objectives

module 2:
Isolating, Developing and Profiting From Your Money-Making Strengths
In this Profit Module you will define and develop your strengths to build a profitable business and make your competitors a non-issue. You will see how providing unique value that draws on your strengths and talents is essential.
We'll also be covering:

* Isolating your strengths so you can develop key areas of your business
* Leveraging your strengths to create competitive advantage
* Developing your company's unique capabilities

module 3:
Marking Your Turf, Total Clarity with Your Big objective, Generating Immediate Momentum
In this Profit Module you will learn how to stay focused, make important decisions and connect with your target market. In the ongoing battles for market share, customers are struggling to know who to trust. Through division of markets they have so many choices, they find it difficult to actually make a decision. As your market expands, your company will have to become more specialized.

We'll also be covering:

* Focusing on a smaller part of the larger market, then becoming the specialized expert
* Discovering your passions
* Defining your company vision and mission
* Contributing to the greater good... your company's purpose

module 4:
Your Mafia Offer - How to Re-Craft Your Business to Make an Offer that Cannot Be Refused
In this Profit Module you will make your selling process a non-issue by concentrating on your offer, while blowing past your competition to dominate your market. You will learn that marketing and selling are not the same. Marketing is really the activities that bring the market to desire your product or service before they even hear your sales pitch.

There's a lot more we'll be going over, including:

* Identifying your current and potential competition... analyzing their strategies and where they are the most vulnerable
* Growing your business using disruptive innovation
* Solving your customers' problems better than your competitors
* Crafting your Unique Selling Proposition... the road to everything you desire

module 5:
The Most Powerful Marketing Strategies that No One Teaches or Talks About
In this Profit Module you will learn why most businesses get marketing wrong... and how you can do it right to win out over your competitors every time. You will know the most important business metrics to ensure business growth and how using premium offers can take your business even further. Plus you will learn how innovating your business model provides more benefits for your customer, making it easier for them to do business with you.

Here are just some of the topics we'll be covering:

-Creating a marketing funnel for your business -Dominating niche markets using simple but effective business models -Determining when a customer is still a customer

module 6:
Your Master Plan to Blasting Through Every Obstacle that Stands in Your Way RIGHT NOW
In this Profit Module you will see why the use of plans differs from really planning (and why there is a BIG difference!) You will learn why the more complex the plan, the more likely obstacles will arise... enabling you to reformulate your business objectives to identify and deal with obstacles that are standing in your way.

We'll also be covering:

-Creating an action plan for your business -Creating your Prerequisite Tree -Identifying and blasting through constraints that are holding your business back -Tackling change in your business... when its the most difficult and when its most costly

module 7:
The Secret Language of Business : Metrics
Good communication is a cornerstone of a great relationship. Metrics are the language that your business uses to communicate its well being. Without metrics you're running your business like you're throwing darts blind-folded, hoping to hit the bulls-eye of success.

With metrics:

* You focus on the leverage points in your business. You communicate with your customers better, keep them happier, find better outsourcers and retain better employees
* You make the fast decisions that are required to stay ahead of your competition in this information overload society.
* You know how much you can afford to acquire a customer - allowing you to out-market your competition.

module 8:
Set It and Forget It - Systemization and Putting Everything on Autopilot
When you start your business all the systems reside within you. Growing your business involves creating systems that others can follow. A system is the roadmap for your business to create value for your customers.

With systems:

* You are a more effective problem solver - you see processes break down so you can take steps to correct them.
* You are a more effective communicator - you discover how all parts of your business interact and how all of these things are part of your overall system.
* You are a more effective leader - you can focus on the most important tasks in your business.

module 9:
Project management - Exactly to Spec, On-Time, Below Budget, Every Time
All things in your business are either processes or projects. That being the case project management is an essential part of your business. Managing projects can account for a substantial portion of your business, especially in the online world.

Being a good project manager:

* You will be able to manage multiple projects with ease - to grow revenue and profits.
* You will increase the effectiveness of your staff and vendors.
* Bring new products to the market quicker than your competition - to lead your field.

module 10:
Assembling Your Business-Building Swat Team
There always comes a point where you become the constraint in your business because you lack certain skills. Hiring the right people can help compensate for your weaknesses.

Good employees are always free. They will make you more money than you pay them. Remember you are in business to make money not save money.

When you hire well:
# You know what positions you need to fill first based on your skill set and what type of people to bring on board to complement your strengths.
# You know how to distinguish the "A" players - those that will be a benefit instead of a burden on your business.
# You know how to get the most out of your employees.

module 11:
Making It All Seamless: Your Well-Oiled Machine
There are certain characteristics that you must cultivate to achieve success. When you internalize these traits your journey will be a lot smoother. If you are continually improving yourself you will continually improve your business.

Some important goals:

-Cultivate the ability to act with uncertainty. -Understand that success is a process. Avoid the emotional roller coaster of success and failure. -Honestly assess how much of your time is productive.

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